Molly Sims SoME Skincare Brand Ambassador

Molly Sims SoME Brand Ambassador

Aesthetics Biomedical (ABM), an aesthetics product development corporation, has welcomed Molly Sims as brand ambassador for its SoME Skincare That's All You line—a patented, clinically proven, first-of-its-kind personalized PRP skincare product for at-home use.

Supermodel and actor Sims has been a longtime advocate for the skincare benefits of PRP. “Years ago my dermatologists introduced me to PRP in conjunction with microneedling treatments. I instantly became obsessed with it, so it was a dream come true when I found out that Aesthetics Biomedical developed SoME, because I now have the unprecedented ability to harness the benefits of PRP at home in my daily skincare,” she says.

The patient’s own PRP is added to the specially formulated SoME serum to create a personalized topical that harnesses the power of proven antiaging ingredients along with the patient’s own growth factors.

“We are huge fans of Molly and really admire her authentic approach to sharing beauty expertise with this amazing community she's built on multiple platforms. She is a tremendously talented model and actress, but also has a gift of being able to connect with people from every background and region because of her down-to-earth honesty and transparency,” said Sheldon Larson, chief marketing officer of Aesthetics Biomedical. “Through Molly's confidence in her own skin, she exemplifies what modern beauty means in her own unique way, which aligns perfectly with Aesthetics Biomedical's PRP-based skincare, That's All You.”

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