Top Tips On Understanding Your MedSpa Customer's Needs

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New research on how to increase customer satisfaction and revenue in the medspa has been released. Rick Mendez, executive director of marketing at Solta Medical, is sharing all of these insights and more in a webcast titled "Understanding Medspa Customer Needs." This webcast is taking place on December 4, 2024, but you can register for it at any time to watch it on-demand after it has gone live.

It can be tricky navigating what consumers are looking for, but Mendez is going to break down some key factors in why clients switch treatments or choose a spa in general. They are also going to discuss the best ways that you, as the professional, can reach them. 

The top topics being covered in this webcast include: 

  • Medspa customers' social media habits
  • Current consumer attitudes toward spas and physician practices
  • Consumer behaviors toward treatment types
  • Why consumers may be considering a treatment but have not visited
  • How to improve customer satisfaction and revenue. 

You can register for this webcast and watch it on December 4, 2023 at 12:00 pm CST, or you can watch it on-demand any time after it has concluded. 

This webcast will also be hosting a live Q&A upon its completion that you do not want to miss. 

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