6 Non-Hormonal Acne Treatments for Patients of All Genders [Survey Results]

85% of readers are interested in non-hormonal acne treatments! Here are six non-hormonal acne treatment options for patients of all genders.
85% of readers are interested in non-hormonal acne treatments! Here are six non-hormonal acne treatment options for patients of all genders.
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Acne is a nightmare no matter who you are, but while stubborn cases of acne in women can be treated with hormone-based therapies when other options don't work, men need another effective choice to turn to. In addition to men needing other non-hormonal acne treatments, transgender women are in a similar bind, especially since they are likely already receiving gender-affirming hormone therapy. A recent study explored how acne can interfere with desired gender expression and contribute to negative stigmas and stereotypes towards gender-diverse individuals. Per our earlier coverage of the study, "Transgender women in the study reported acne interfering with feminine gender expression. The study concluded that multilevel changes, such as developing strategies to reduce acne stigma, providing transgender-specific acne care education, facilitating multidisciplinary acne care and expanding transgender-friendly clinical environments, are recommended to reduce the impact of acne in transgender individuals." 

Having access to non-hormonal acne treatments that can be used in addition to gender-affirming hormone therapy is a necessity to providing adequate care to transgender patients and transgender women in particular. In cases of stubborn acne in trangender women, the only real next option is a non-hormonal acne treatment. Thankfully, topical as well as energy-based acne treatments have advanced tremendously in the last few years, and highly effective acne treatments that are not hormone-based have greatly expanded treatment options for patients. 

In our recent survey which asked, Are you interested in non-hormonal acne treatments? 85% of readers said yes and 15% said no

Ensuring you have the latest information on effective and safe non-hormonal acne treatments is important to providing optimal care to patients no matter their gender. Here are six informative MedEshetics articles to help you do just that. 

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