Top 5 New & Improved Post-Procedure Product Innovations [Survey Results]

92% of readers are interested in learning about recent innovations in post-procedure products! Here are the top five latest innovations in post-care products.
92% of readers are interested in learning about recent innovations in post-procedure products! Here are the top five latest innovations in post-care products.
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In our last poll, we asked your thoughts on whether you have or are looking to standardize your post-care regimens for patients. As part of this, we discussed how ensuring patients are supporting their in-office treatments with adequate at-home skin care regimens is an important part of optimizing and maintaining results in between visits. Post-procedure care is an important part of optimizing treatment results as well as help mitigate the affect inflammation has on aging, also known as inflammaging. The role inflammation plays in the aging process has led to the rise in skin care focused on reducing inflammation in the skin, particularly when it comes to post-procedure skin care. This helps speed up healing, improve results, skin health, slow down skin aging caused by age-related inflammation and restore and rejuvenate skin health to enhance its youthful radiance and protect it from further damage.

In our recent survey which asked, Are you interested in recent innovations in post-procedure products? 92% of readers said yes and 8% said no.

Top 5 Innovations in Post-Procedure Care

Knowing the latest advances in post-procedure care, as well as advances being made in skin care targeting inflammation and signs of aging from inflammaging, is vital to ensuring optimal treatment outcomes and an improved prost-procedure experience, as well as providing another tool for patients to use to fight against factors that contribute to skin aging, such as inflammaging. Here are five informative MedEsthetics articles to help you do just that.

  1. We covered some of the exciting new post-care products at this year's Music City SCALE in our piece on Innovations in Inflammaging & Sun Care. One post-procedure product line with some impressive new research findings is Velez' line of Intense Hydration Masks. Per our article, Velez presented "the findings of a new study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology exploring the safety and efficacy of their line of post-procedure, biotech cellulose Intense Hydration Masks. Per the study, the mask 'decreased patient's facial temperature, feelings of heat and pain, as well as downtime without any side effects for the subjects in this study undergoing a variety of treatments.' In addition, thermal images demonstrated an average reduction in facial temperature of 2.2 (ranging between 0.2-6.5) degree Celsius across the board. 'The cooling reduces the temperature by six degrees Celsius, helps with the swelling and redness and really elevates patients’ experience post-treatment. The structure of the product’s material is very similar to the structure of natural skin tissue, so it's very compatible with our skin. When you use any kind of topical products underneath, what it does is really brings the product deeper into the skin and maximizes its results. Practitioners can send the patient home with a couple more products, and they can continue to use the product for post-treatment care.'”
  2. Young Pharmaceuticals New Post-Procedure Sensitivity Treatment Line: ASLMS 2024 Spotlight: Next Gen Aesthetic Product Innovation
  3. Induction Therapies PRX⁸ Plant-Exo Stimulation Serum: Acne, Regenerative Aesthetics & Individualized Treatments Top the Trends at SCALE 2024
  4. Clinical/Derm-Guided OTC Post-Care Innovations: Why Clinical is King: Dermatologic Skin Care Dominates Aesthetics at SCALE 2024
  5. Revision Skincare CMT Post-procedure Cream: 5 Emerging Trends in Professional Neurocosmetic Skin Care [Survey Results]

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