Dual-Phase Glycolic Peel

Offered exclusively as a professional treatment in physicians’ offices, the NIA 24 Cellular Resurfacing Peel addresses multiple signs of aging in two steps. First, a primer detoxifies with natural Earth clays, yeast extract and Pro-Niacin, a complex that delivers Vitamin B3 deep into the epidermis. Then, the resurfacing activator comprised of glycolic and lactic acids, willow bark extract and botanical extracts including bilberry and orange, stimulates collagen formulation while reducing inflammation.

“Lunchtime peels have come a long way and are truly the unsung heroes of the dermatology profession, offering gentle exfoliation with instant results,” says Shawn Morgan, vice president of sales for NIA 24. Contact: 866.642.3963, www.nia24.com/peel.

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