4 Income Generating Tips from Celluma Light Therapy

Celluma Si2012 Lead

As Covid-19 continues to have an impact, keeping your doors open and generating consistent revenue is a major concern in 2021. It’s clear new, innovative solutions are necessary for skin care specialists and spa owners. Here are four income-generating tips to kick-off 2021 in abundance: 

1. When other treatments aren’t possible, Celluma Light Therapy is a safe, no/low-touch service.

2. With generous profit margins, Celluma’s Reseller and Retail Programs will keep your clients on protocol and help you pay the bills.  

3. Celluma’s Rental Program is a low-risk, income generating option to test the waters before plunging into a Reseller Agreement.

4. Each Celluma Practitioner is assigned a dedicated Clinical Specialist to support and educate you and your staff on everything from the science of light therapy to marketing ideas and pricing.  

Call to speak with a Clinical Specialist and explore how Celluma Light Therapy fits into your 2021 plans. 


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