[Editor's Picks] 5 Products for Spring Skin Care Cleaning

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It’s time to do some spring cleaning for the skin, as the change from the cold winter weather to spring requires a few adjustments to our skin care routines. The basics of cleaning up your skin regimen for spring include replacing heavier cream cleanser with lighter foam or gel-based cleansers, in addition to using lighter gel-based moisturizers suitable to the warmer and, more importantly, more humid weather. One thing that stands out in the change from winter to spring skin care is the need for exfoliation. It’s important to clean away the cobwebs, or rather dead and dull skin cells accumulated during winter, using gentle exfoliators to bring back skin’s healthy glow. I find that including hydrating serums, particularly those that include antioxidants to protect against free radicals and environmental stressors such as sun damage as the days get sunnier, is another important element. To be honest, depending on the humidity, I might just use one hydrating product, as you can always use more if needed. Here are my favorite products to help your patients clean up their skin care routine this spring.

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