Lumini Beauty Kiosk Leverages AI Skin Analysis with K-beauty for Personalized Solutions

Lumini Beauty Kiosk 2

Lumini Beauty Kiosk is a smart AI skin analysis machine capable of scanning the facial skin, diagnosing skin problems and making recommendations based on the ingredients in the skin care products to fit the needs of the consumer. The convenient, hygienic and personalized experience leverages big data and K-beauty to match people to the best solutions for their skin.

Lumini Kiosk V2 uses self-developed smart AI technologies for all three steps: scanning, analyzing and recommending products. For the first two steps, Lumini captures footage optimized for analysis using real-time face recognition technology and constantly increases analysis accuracy through deep learning. It also recommends the best-tailored products for users by analyzing online product data, ingredients, and customer reviews through natural language processing.

The process of collecting data about the skin only takes about 15 seconds and it looks at several factors, including pores, wrinkles, sebum, melasma, redness, acne and oil and moisture balance, with 92% accuracy. The Lumini Kiosk V2 has distance-adjusting technology for facial recognition and features that recognize the presence of external lighting or makeup.

Lumini Kiosk V2 can analyze up to people’s inner skin by using multi-spectrum rays. It allows to detect the melasma, pigmentation and redness in the skin. With this data, it can predict future skin problems.

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