Face Reality Barrier Balance Creamy Cleanser Supports the Microbiome

Barrier Balance Creamy Cleanser

Face Reality Barrier Balance Creamy Cleanser was developed in response to feedback and requests from Acne Experts and customers seeking a gentle, creamy cleanser that supports the microbiome and natural skin barrier, while still effectively removing dirt, makeup and impurities.  

The Creamy Cleanser is formulated with Prebiotic Inulin, derived from chicory root to help balance the microbiome and support sensitive skin. Bisobolol and Centalla Asiatica help calm and soothe the skin, while Jojoba and Panthenol help maintain moisture and hydration after rinsing without an oily residue. Amino Acid-based cleansing agents effectively clean but are gentle to acne-prone, sensitive, barrier-compromised skin. 

The product is ideal as a standalone cleanser while also pairing well with any other favorite cleanser for a double cleanse.

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