Esse Skincare Pro-Sun D Serum Boosts Vitamin D Levels for Optimal Skin Health

Pro Sun D Bottle Box Light

Esse Skincare Pro-Sun D Serum harnesses the benefits of healthy sun exposure to optimize skin health. It contains provitamin D, which when applied topically is activated by UV rays to boost vitamin D levels in one’s skin. More provitamin D means more vitamin D production with less time in the sun.

This fast-absorbing serum should be applied topically to bare cleansed skin each day before activating the provitamin D in the sun for 5-15 minutes. Follow up with a safe skin care routine and SPF.


  • Repairs barrier function, resulting in plumper, more hydrated skin
  • Regulates cell regeneration for a healthy glow
  • Calms inflammation which slows the process of aging
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, rough, dull and aged skin
  • More effective than pill forms of Vitamin D as oral supplementation can potentially be toxic at the levels that deliver optimal skin health

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