Resveratrol Effective in Antibacterial Treatment of Acne

Antioxidant resveratrol may help to prolong the results of acne treatments thanks to its ability to inhibit the growth of Propionibacterium acnes. A study published in Dermatology and Therapy, September 2014, assessed the antimicrobial effects of the resveratrol versus benzoyl peroxide to treat acne vulgaris.

In vitro, the antibacterial response of benzoyl peroxide was short term, while resveratrol demonstrated more long-lasting antibacterial activity against P. acnes; combining both modalities resulted in a high antimicrobial response as well as sustained bacterial growth inhibition, and electron microscopy showed that resveratrol was less cytotoxic than benzoyl peroxide.

Researchers concluded that resveratrol shows potential as a treatment option or adjunct therapy for acne vulgaris.

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