Dermatologist Launches Telemedicine Website for Acne Patients

Jamie Altman, MD, owner of Aesthetic Dermatology Associates, PC, in Philadelphia, has launched, a secure telemedicine website designed to provide acne care to patients across Pennsylvania via a web-based platform. The site was designed to offer patients direct access to physicians when needed and to help ensure better compliance with treatment plans. Patients seeking acne treatment can send their medical histories, photos and descriptions of their skin to board-certified dermatologists, who will in turn provide specific treatment plans. Each visit is $47.

“As healthcare providers, we are seeing an increase in demand from patients for telemedicine models, and as a result, we think patients are going to be very excited about this service,” said Dr. Altman. “Patients using are treated like any other patient in a dermatology practice. The advantage is it can all be done from home—without worrying about taking time off from work or school.”

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