Different Types of Facial Fat Grafts Yield Similar Results

Different Types of Facial Fat Grafts Yield Similar Results

In a study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (April 2015), two approaches to fat grafting for facial rejuvenation were found to have similar antiaging effects.

Six middle-aged facelift surgery candidates underwent fat grafting to a small area in front of the ear. One group received fat-derived stem cells; the other was injected with fat cells and the stromal vascular fraction (SVF). Researchers obtained and examined skin samples from the treated areas before and three months after fat grafting. The skin samples from both groups showed reduced degeneration of the elastic fiber network as well as the development of new elastin fibers.

As the results were almost identical between the two fat grafting approaches, the researchers concluded that using fat cells plus SVF is the preferable choice because it is less expensive and less complicated, allowing for the tissue to be harvested, processed and injected on the same day.

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