ASDS Reports Increase in Popularity of Laser Hair Removal

The 2014 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Survey on Dermatologic Procedures confirms that more patients are seeking laser treatments to permanently remove unwanted hair. About 633,000 laser hair removal procedures were performed by ASDS members last year—a 27% increase from 2013 and a 51% increase from 2012. The ASDS credits the increase in demand to new technologies that have broadened the patient base for laser hair removal. “While the procedure was originally recommended for dark hairs on light skin, newer technologies have made it safer and more effective for patients with a range of complexions and hair colors,” the Society reports

Additionally, the survey showed that ASDS members performed more than 2.7 million procedures using laser, light and energy devices overall in 2014, with the top treatment areas being:

  • Hair removal: 633,000
  • Facial redness: 428,000
  • Photo rejuvenation: 329,000
  • Photodynamic therapy: 311,000
  • Age spots: 224,000

“Lasers and other energy sources have become very good for many indications with minimal downtime and minimal pain associated with the procedures,” said George J. Hruza, MD, president of the ASDS. “Hair removal, tattoo removal, sun-damage repair, wrinkle and scar improvement, brown spot and broken blood vessel fading, fat reduction and skin tightening are all indications that can be effectively treated with laser and energy sources.”

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