RepliCel Life Sciences Unveils Dermal Injector Prototype

Regenerative medicine company RepliCel Life Sciences has finalized the design specifications of its next-generation dermal injector (RCI-02). The company will build prototypes for industrial and regulatory testing to prepare for an application for CE mark clearance to market the injector in Europe in 2016.

The RCI-02 injector was designed to improve the delivery of a variety of injectables, allowing providers to inject in a more controlled, precise manner. The motorized device allows providers to program depth and volume and features a built-in Peltier element for pre-injection of anesthesia. The device’s interchangeable needle head configuration can be used to deliver a variety of injectable substances—including cells, dermal fillers, drugs or biologics—intradermally, subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

“While RCI-02 was originally conceived to deliver our cellular products, we believe this device will have a profound impact on all dermal injections—particularly the cosmetic dermal injection market,” said Rolf Hoffmann, MD, chief medical officer and visionary for the RCI-02 injector.

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