Introducing Reverse by Aerolase® | Correct + Prevent Skin Aging

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Skin aging is complex. Preventing and correcting it shouldn’t be.

You can now prevent your patients from showing signs of aging. For patients showing concerns, we can take care of their concerns, too.

Reverse by Aerolase is a modern approach combining two elite devices to correct and prevent skin aging for flawless skin in your modern patient aged 25 and older. 

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Reverse by Aerolase Delivers Results in the Way Modern Patient’s Want

  • A simple, in-office treatment
  • Instant outcomes with long-lasting results
  • A highly comfortable treatment with short social downtime
  • A complete solution to their dermal and epidermal concerns 

Reverse is the first and only treatment to completely renew the dermis and epidermis. It delivers amazing results comfortably, simply and without long periods of social downtime. It is a new, modern way to address concerns of skin aging with your patient’s needs and wants in mind. 

Skin aging is complex. It begins around the age of 30 with characteristics of roughness, dryness, laxity, irregular pigmentation, collagen loss, wrinkles and redness. A combination of modalities is typically required to achieve overall patient satisfaction, but options have been too aggressive, too complex or did not produce meaningful results. 

Modern patients have new needs and wants. They want simplicity. They want immediate outcomes with long-lasting results. They need their skin treatments to be highly comfortable without extended social downtime, and they want a complete solution to skin aging. Reverse by Aerolase delivers on these needs and wants. 

Patient Results Delivered in an Unmatched Manner

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"My skin is bright, my pores are missing and my texture is smoother than my youngest baby's bottom. The rejuvenation and texture honestly amaze me, and well...I’ve been doing this for nearly 16 years, so not a lot surprises me! Very little downtime and no pain...when is my next treatment?” – 34-year-old Reverse patient from Skin Boss Med Spa


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Reverse is your patient’s skin health subscription plan for incredible skin.

No matter your patient’s skin aging needs, Reverse by Aerolase is a simple two-step treatment to either prevent aging or correct signs of skin aging. 

First, the 650-microsecond 1064nm Neo Elite effectively stimulates collagen, blood vessels and melanin in the dermis. Second, the 300-microsecond 2940nm Era Elite targets wrinkles, texture, pore size and elasticity in the epidermis and papillary dermis. Due to the proprietary delivery of laser energy into the skin, social downtime is limited to two to four days, with results seen within a week. 

While the Neo Elite and Era Elite deliver incredible results alone, together they deliver significantly better patient satisfaction and improvement of the signs of skin aging. 

Full Benefits of Reverse by Aerolase

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines, acne scars and wrinkles
  • Decreases roughness and dryness
  • Diminishes hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces inflammation and redness
  • Increases skin elasticity and firmness  

Get Reverse in Your Practice

Correct and prevent skin aging in a whole new way, only with Reverse. Contact us to learn more and get your patients started today.


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