American Skin Association Honors Outstanding Dermatology Researchers

The American Skin Association (ASA), a collaboration of patients, families, advocates, physicians and scientists working together to increase awareness of skin disease, honored outstanding dermatology researchers during the recent Annual Meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology. David A. Norris, MD, chair of ASA’s Medical Advisory Committee, presented the David Martin Carter Mentor Award to Howard P. Baden, MD, professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School and dermatologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“We were delighted to honor Dr. Howard Baden with the 2015 David Martin Carter Mentor Award,” said Dr. Norris. “Dr. Baden, our 22nd honoree to receive this prestigious award, is a lifelong leader in investigative dermatology and a pioneer in the research of hair biology and genetic skin diseases. We honor him for his outstanding service to the field of dermatology and dedicated mentoring to a generation of future academic dermatologists and scientists.”

The Research Achievement Awards, instituted to identify established scientists in investigative dermatology and cutaneous biology, were presented to:

  • Mark C. Udey, MD, PhD, of the National Cancer Institute: Research Achievement Award in Autoimmune and Inflammatory Skin Disorders
  • Alain H. Rook, MD of University of Pennsylvania: Research Achievement Award in Melanoma and Skin Cancer
  • David J. Margolis, MD, PhD, of University of Pennsylvania: Research Achievement Award in Psoriasis
  • Mayumi Ito, PhD, of New York University: Research Achievement Award in Vitiligo and Pigment Cell Biology
  • Alexa Boer Kimball, MD, MPH, of Massachusetts General Hospital: Research Achievement Award in Public Policy and Medical Education

“We had an impressive group of awardees this year. Dr. Udey, Dr. Rook, Dr. Margolis, Dr. Ito and Dr. Kimball all made great strides in their respective fields. ASA is proud to herald their many achievements,” said Dr. Norris.

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