Repêchage Sponsors Oncology Training Program

The Lydia Sarfati Post-Graduate SKIN CARE Academy in Secaucus, New Jersey, will be hosting a three-day oncology training program August 15-17 with Becky Kuehn, master licensed esthetician, COS, educator and founder of Oncology Spa Solutions. Kuehn has 31 years of experience and over six years dedicated to working with cancer patients; she designed the training content to provide intimate knowledge of the skills necessary to work with cancer survivors and enhance their quality of life.

The course will include a training manual, USB flash drive with digital product information and forms, equipment, product samples, a certificate of completion and 10 CEs approved by the Commission on Accreditation. Attendees will learn about oncology and cancer treatments, how to identify side effects and personalize treatments, and how to manage CAT forms, along with receiving a hands-on practical demonstration and discussing marketing strategies.

For more information or to register for the program, contact 253.405.5810, [email protected].

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