Pico 785nm Wavelength Effective For Purple, Blue and Green Tattoo Inks

Picosecond 785nm Wavelength for Difficult To Treat Tattoo Colors

A picosecond‐domain laser with a 785nm wavelength has a special infinity for purple, blue and green tattoo inks, according to a recent study published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine (September 2018). Authors Eric Bernstein, MD, et al, treated 22 tattoos from 15 subjects (skin types II-IV). They administered a total of four treatments using only the 785nm picosecond wavelength (2mm to 4mm beam diameter and fluences ranging from 1.1 to 3.1 J/cm2). They assessed outcomes using blinded review of digital, cross‐polarized photographs taken approximately eight weeks following the last treatment. Results were rated on an 11‐point clearance scale.

Fourteen subjects (21 tattoos) completed all study visits. The tattoos contained black, green, blue, yellow, purple and red inks. Blinded assessment of photographs found 85%, 81%, 74%, 61%, 11%, and 5% clearance from baseline photos for purple, blue, green, black, red, and yellow pigments, respectively.

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