Transform Your Business with Private Label Skincare


Global Beauty is dedicated to helping you build brand loyalty, repeat business and providing the highest quality, premium formulations and active ingredients. Adding signature, branded skincare products to your practice can elevate your business, create a point of difference, and add another stream of revenue. Global Beauty makes it easy with low minimums, education, marketing, graphic support, and more!


Why now is the time to launch or expand your own private label line


Launching a private label skincare line can be a transformative and profitable move for estheticians, spas, and medical practices. Benefits include:


  • Brand exclusivity: By selling your own branded line, your clients/patients will return to you to replenish their products. 
  • Create another stream of revenue with your name on it: Whether you add on just a few products to compliment your existing line or create an entire line under your name, you control your pricing, margins, and positioning. 
  • Show your expertise: You are the expert! Whether you specialize in acne, anti-aging, or other services, offering a branded line builds your influence with your clients/patients. 
  • Build your online ecommerce business. With your own branded products you can expand your product sales directly.


With over two decades of experience in the professional aesthetic industry, founder Ellen Clark and her team have developed a portfolio of premium products for all skin types. From retinols, to antioxidants, to sunscreens, we have an extensive range of medical-grade products available to choose from. Whether you are looking to start with a hero product, or expand your current product line, we are here to help. Offering over 40 premium formulations, you are guaranteed to find the right products for your professional skincare business.


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Getting started with Global Beauty Private Label Skincare

Global Beauty takes a personalized approach to each and every customer. Whether you have a small boutique business or a large medspa, we pride ourselves in expert label design, marketing, education support, and quick turnaround times. 


Download our product brochure and discover our extensive product range.  If you’d like to speak to an Account Representative about ordering samples, click here.  


Education is key. Check out Private Label Talk for inspiration, tips, and stories from industry professionals. We look forward to helping you grow your business!


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