Cetaphil Recognizes Sensitive Skin Awareness Week with Consumer Education

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Cetaphil has announced the launch of Sensitive Skin Awareness Week, March 22-March 28.

Sensitive Skin Awareness Week aims to educate consumers on how to best care for their sensitive skin with a routine that is unique and tailored to them. Cetaphil's new "Complete Care for Your Sensitive Skin" campaign features partner dermatologists, influencers and experts who will provide consumers with advice and science-driven recommendations.

"Sensitive Skin Awareness Week is designed for today's digitally savvy and connected skin care consumers to have a more interactive dialogue on social platforms to help them meet their unique skin needs. Cetaphil has long tapped into social media to engage with our consumers and Sensitive Skin Awareness Week brings more science to this dialogue," says June Risser, vice president and general manager of Consumer Business at Galderma. "This initiative will provide our consumers with first-hand access to science-based sensitive skin care knowledge from some of the best dermatologists in the country, alongside product recommendations from their influential peers who have been able to test all the market has to offer and prefer Cetaphil as their brand of choice." 

Through consumer research, Cetaphil found that 70% of Americans self-diagnose as having sensitive skin. "My patients often don't realize that their sensitivity is actually due in part to how they are treating their skin, or the effects of the products they are using," says Oregon-based board-certified dermatologist, Laurel Geraghty, MD.

Digital programming across Facebook and Instagram Live for the week include:

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