25% Treatments from Hair Removal to Pigment Reduction in One Platform

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Born from a 20+ year legacy, xeo+ combines multiple laser- and light-based handpieces and numerous modalities to customize treatment offerings and meet the continuously evolving demands of a thriving practice. Introduced in 2003, xeo pioneered Nd:YAG laser technology as the first 1064 nm laser with contact cooling. Its traction increased with the inclusion of the signature Laser Genesis treatment, an exclusive 15-minute skin revitalization treatment for all skin types, raising the bar for no-downtime treatment protocols.

The modernized xeo+ is designed to deliver a more streamlined approach to aesthetics with faster treatment times, an intuitive user interface and a host of features for an elevated provider and patient experience. The technology is enhanced with larger spot size options and upgraded contact cooling for improved comfort, resulting in faster Laser Genesis treatments and allowing practitioners to perform hair removal treatments two times faster than before. The technology also includes a versatile range of newly redesigned laser and IPL handpieces, ranging from the CoolView, Limelight, Prowave and Acutip.

“The original xeo has been a steadfast platform in my practice from the beginning,” said Dr. Mira Kaga, founder of The Kaga Institute of Medicine and Aesthetics. “The enhancements of the xeo+ have allowed me to treat faster and more efficiently, helping to streamline my operations even more and improve ROI. This technology offers a wide range of solutions and is designed to be intuitive, making it suitable for users of all experience levels.”

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Addressing the most popular aesthetic concerns, xeo+ offers over 25 solutions for skin revitalization, hair removal, vascular, pigment reduction and more. The flexibility and customization of applications allow practices the opportunity to widen their patient demographic and evolve with the demands and needs of their patients.

Important safety and risk information about xeo+ is available by contacting Cutera at www.cutera.com/us-en/global-offices. Patients should talk to their healthcare provider.


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