Top 10 States with Highest Demand for Ozempic

Ozempic Insulin injection pen or insulin cartridge pen for diabetics.
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The States Most Interested in Ozempic

Bison Pharmacy examined the states with the highest demand for Ozempic and some of the potential factors driving this demand. New York topped the list, with the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Washington rounding out the top five. California ranked sixth, a potential surprise given the influx of Ozempic use among celebrities.

The pharmacy said a primary driver of Ozempic’s demand is the alarming obesity rate across many states. States with higher obesity prevalence often report greater demand for weight-loss interventions, including pharmacological solutions like Ozempic. The pharmacy claims this is partly due to the increased risk of comorbid conditions associated with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers, prompting individuals and healthcare providers to seek effective weight management strategies.

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Access to healthcare significantly influences the demand for medications like Ozempic as states with robust healthcare systems and higher rates of insured individuals tend to have better screening and diagnosis rates for conditions like obesity and type 2 diabetes, per the pharmacy.

Cultural norms and social attitudes towards body image and weight loss, as well as economic factors, also play crucial roles in the demand for weight-loss medications. In areas where there is a higher social emphasis on appearance or where obesity is highly stigmatized, individuals may be more inclined to seek medical solutions for weight loss, the pharmacy suggested.

The cost of healthcare, including prescription medications, varies widely across states. Additionally, the availability of insurance coverage for weight-loss treatments can affect an individual’s ability to access these medications.

Top 10 States with The Highest Ozempic Demand (Prescriptions, Population, Prescriptions Per 100,000 Residents):

  1. New York: 135,000, 8,470,000, 159.39
  2. District of Columbia: 9,900, 720,000, 137.50
  3. Massachusetts: 49,500, 6,980,000, 70.92
  4. New Jersey: 60,500, 9,270,000, 65.26
  5. Washington: 49,500, 7,797,000, 63.49
  6. California: 246,000, 39,200,000, 62.76
  7. Florida: 135,000, 21,800,000, 61.93
  8. Connecticut: 22,200, 3,605,000, 61.58
  9. Rhode Island: 6,600, 1,100,000, 60.00
  10. New Hampshire: 8,100, 1,371,000, 59.08

Choosing the Right GLP-1 Drug for Clients

Holly Lofton, MD, an obesity medicine specialist, shared some tips on choosing the right GLP-1 drug for clients' health concerns.

Dr. Lofton is a clinical associate professor of surgery and medicine at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and director of the medical weight management program at NYU Langone Weight Management Center, New York.

According to Lofton, the first GLP-1 drug that was used for diabetes dates back to exenatide (Bydureon). Bydureon had a partner called Byetta (also exenatide), both of which are still on the market but are currently infrequently used.

Liraglutide (Victoza), a daily injection with various doses, is common for type 2 diabetes. Victoza has an antiobesity counterpart called Saxenda,  a daily GLP-1 agonist for chronic weight management. Dr. Lofton said the Saxenda pen looks very similar to the Victoza pen and cites the SCALE trial that demonstrated 8%-12% weight loss with Saxenda. Another weekly injection for the treatment of type 2 diabetes is called Mounjaro. Its counterpart for weight management is called Zepbound, which was found to have about 20.9% weight loss over 72 weeks.

Ozempic & Wegovy

Ozempic has a weekly injection that Dr. Lofton said is efficacious for treating diabetes. The drug’s weight loss counterpart, Wegovy, comes in a different pen than Ozempic, but both forms contain semaglutide.

While all of these GLP-1 agonists are indicated to treat type 2 diabetes or for weight management, Dr. Lofton indicated that Wegovy has a special indication that none of the others have. In March 2024, Wegovy acquired an indication to decrease cardiac risk in those with a BMI equal or greater than 27 and a previous cardiac history.

Dr. Lofton claimed this changes the accessibility of this medication because patients with heart conditions who are on Medicare are expected to have access to Wegovy. Integrating healthy changes into clients' lifestyles is essential to enhance the effectiveness of Ozempic and promote overall health.

While Ozempic can significantly aid in weight loss, combining the medication with a balanced diet and regular exercise will enhance its effectiveness and improve overall health. Bison Pharmacy recommends clients practice the traditional tips for maintaining health while on Ozempic like a balanced diet, regular physical activity, mindfulness and stress management.

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