Top 10 Metropolises Most Interested in Staying Young

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New York City residents are the most seasoned in antiaging skin care.
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A study conducted by Luxe Cosmetics revealed the most keen-to-stay-young metropolises in 2024. The most popular anti-aging treatments were selected and the Google Keyword Planner was used to analyze search data, providing valuable insights into the overall level of interest in rejuvenation treatments and the most sought-after beauty procedures in each of these cities.

New York, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Sydney took the top five spots on the list. Botox was consistently near the top of every metropolise's most sought-after treatments.  

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1. New York

New York leads the list of metropolises, with 307K people searching for anti-aging beauty procedures. Botox is the most sought-after treatment among New Yorkers, followed by fillers and laser skin.

2. London

London is second on the list with 188.3K individuals searching for rejuvenating procedures online. Similar to New York, the same rejuvenation procedures are in high demand in London as well.

3. Los Angeles

Los Angeles claims the 3rd spot on the list of metropolises most keen to stay young with 114.4K online searches for anti-aging treatments. LA’s most sought-after beauty procedure is Botox again, with 41K searches.

4. Melbourne

Melbourne takes the 4th spot on the list with 108.5K people showing interest in rejuvenating procedures. In contrast to the cities above, where Botox was the prevailing choice, Melburnians have shown a strong preference for laser skin treatments, with 33.9K searches.

5. Sydney

Sydney is fifth on the list of metropolises most keen to stay young, with 107.5K people searching for rejuvenating procedures online. Sydney’s most popular anti-aging treatment is Botox, with 37K searches.

6. Singapore

Singapore claims the 6th spot on this list with 102K searches. Similar to Melbourne, the most popular rejuvenating procedure in this metropolis is laser skin, with 38K searches.

7. Toronto

Toronto is seventh on the list of metropolises most keen to stay young, with 81.5K searches. In Toronto, Botox, laser skin and fillers go hand in hand, with 20K plus searches.

8. Paris

Paris ranks eighth on the list, with 39K people searching for anti-aging treatments online. This is the only metropolis where face lifting is the most sought-after rejuvenating procedure.

9. Hong Kong

Hong Kong claims the ninth spot on the list of metropolises most keen to stay young, with 37.1K searches. Fillers are the most sought-after anti-aging procedure with 9.9K Hong Kongese searching for it online.

10. Seoul

Seoul rounded out the top ten, with 22.3K people searching for rejuvenating treatments. Botox is the most popular anti-aging procedure in this metropolis with 7K searches.

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