Sientra and Butterfly Network Team Up on Breast Implant Patient Screening

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Breast implant maker Sientra has announced a strategic partnership with Butterfly Network, maker of the Butterfly iQ+ ultrasound device, to help plastic surgeons screen and evaluate patients with breast implants. The device allows for real-time, in-office diagnostic screening. As part of the collaboration, Butterfly iQ+ will be integrated into Sientra's medical education platform and peer-to-peer network.

“Our partnership with Sientra highlights the ability for Butterfly iQ+ to deliver actionable and diagnostic insights as an advanced assessment tool, allowing for more informed clinical decision making, improving the patient experience,” said Todd Fruchterman, MD, PhD, Butterfly Network’s president and CEO. “Sientra’s commitment to patient safety mirrors our own and complements our innovative approach to transforming care through technology. Butterfly Network’s mission is to democratize healthcare by making medical imaging accessible to everyone worldwide. With Sientra, we look forward to raising the bar in implant safety and reimagining the quality of care that patients receive.”

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