The A Method by Tina Alster, MD, Launches Moxie Podcast

Tina Alster, MD
Tina Alster, MD

The A Method by Tina Alster, MD, has announced the launch of a weekly podcast, Skin Care Moxie. 

The podcast will educate, inform and empower women and men. Viewers will have front row access to The A Method co-founder and CEO, Angelia Inscoe, with special guest appearances by cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Tina Alster. 

"There is so much misinformation and confusion in the largely unregulated skin care industry," explained Inscoe. "We realized that there is not a brand out there stepping up to serve as an educational resource and guide to consumers. We want to help people understand the ingredients in skincare products, how to read labels and how to select the best products for their skin type. It's about equipping consumers with the knowledge they need to make smart skin care decisions and stop wasting time and money on products that don't work."

Upcoming podcast episodes include topics such as "Retinol versus Tretinoin," "The Dirty Truth About Clean Skincare," "Should Your Skin Be Trippin' on Acid?" and more.

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