Klara Incorporates Modmed Pay Into Patient Engagement Software

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Klara, a company that specializes in patient-engagement software solutions, has announced its new interface with momed Pay to help streamline how payments and credit card details are collected digitally. 

modmed Pay is a processing solution from Modernizing Medicine that streamlines the payment process by connecting patients, providers and financial institutions.

"More and more practices today are starting to collect consent forms, insurance information, patient satisfaction surveys and other documentation through automated messaging," said Simon Bolz, co-founder and co-CEO of Klara. "When we took a step back, a lightbulb went off — payment processing was the missing piece. We realized that there was an opportunity to streamline payment workflows for practices, in order to improve the patient experience and minimize work for practice staff."

Customers of both Modernizing Medicine's Practice Management system and modmed Pay can now leverage Klara's messaging platform to simplify patient billing in just one place.

Klara's interface with modmed Pay will allow practices to:

  • Enable patients to store "cards on file" through links sent via automated SMS.
  • See available "cards on file" in Klara.
  • Charge the patient using the stored tokens for a credit card from within Klara. Practices can charge any available credit card for the applicable patient from within Klara, and the charge will automatically show up in the Modernizing Medicine Practice Management system.
  • Send automated receipts to patients through Klara. 
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