Sciton Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Courtesy of @sciton_inc

Sciton celebrated 25 Years of Innovation on April 1, 2022. This year Sciton also has been named "Company of the Year" by MedTech magazine and a 2022 Top Workplace Winner by Energage.

"What an amazing milestone. Twenty-five years later we are more determined than ever to lead by example and show the aesthetic industry that premium technology and world class brands are just the beginning. Sciton is changing the game with our commitment to the well-being of our people and the valued customers we serve. Everything at Sciton starts and ends with gratitude and the pride we have for the longstanding partnerships that we have forged with customers all over the world. The future of Sciton is brighter than ever. We can't wait for the next chapter," said Robb Brindley, executive vice president marketing and sales.

Sciton is celebrating this milestone anniversary with the launch of their newly redesigned website for providers.

"Our primary goal during the website redesign process was the customer experience," said Lacee J. Naik, vice president of marketing and PR at Sciton. "We took detailed feedback from our customers to create a website that boasts a streamlined, modern design, with improved functionality and easy access to essential information. We are excited to use this enhanced digital channel to continue to share that Sciton is the best-in-class laser for all medical professionals."

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