5 Recent Innovations in Body Sculpting [Survey Results]

97% of readers are interested in recent body sculpting innovations! Here are five recent innovations in body sculpting for your aesthetic edification.
97% of readers are interested in recent body sculpting innovations! Here are five recent innovations in body sculpting for your aesthetic edification.
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If you caught Denise Herich's article at the start of this year on consumer attitudes toward aesthetic procedures, you will have likely noticed that body sculpting procedures ranked at the top of the most commonly received and saught after cosmetic procedures, according to both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' 2022 survey and The Benchmarking Company's December 2023 survey of more than 4,200 female beauty consumers. Treatments to address areas with excess fat, such as belly fat, and weight loss in general are at the top of many women's list of aesthetic treatment wish lists.

The rising demand for body sculpting procedures is ramping up even more thanks to the "Weight Loss Revolution" brought on by the meteoric rise in popularity of Ozempic. Dr. Johnny Franco discussed the aesthetic paradigm shift tied to this "weight loss revolution," in a recent article, stating, "The phenomenon of Ozempic face and body will continue to grow, as I anticipate skin laxity and the need for target volume replacement to be the number one patient concern over the next several years. This involves developing treatment protocols to address subsequent skin laxity, particularly as the majority of these patients are young and healthy, with mild to moderate laxity, making them ideal candidates for non-invasive skin treatments." 

This has resulted in the development of a number of new and improved aesthetic devices for body sculpting and supercharged muscle toning and fat loss, as well as treatment techniques that utilize a combination of multiple aesthetic devices and injectable treatments to address subsequent skin laxity that results from Ozempic use. Either way, the area of body sculpting has seen incredible innovations in response to this weight loss revolution, which don't appear to be slowing down any time soon with the added interest of Wall Street fueling further research and development in this area. 

In our recent survey which asked, Are you interested in recent body sculpting innovations? 97% of readers said yes and 3% said no.

All things considered, staying abreast of the recent innovations in body sculpting dominating the aesthetics industry is vital to providing the best treatment options and patient care in this competitive market. Here are five informative MedEsthetics articles to help you do just that. 

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