Skin Care: PostProcedure Skin Repair

Postprocedure Skin Repair

Marini BioShield from Jan Marini Skin Research is a silicon-based, non-petrolatum formulation developed for postprocedure skin protection and repair. The topical—which dries to a matte finish—includes targeted growth factors, peptides and skin hydrators to speed recovery, reduce downtime and camouflage erythema. “Marini BioShield is now my postprocedure product of choice. We’ve used it after PDT and ablative resurfacing and find it markedly improves our patient’s recovery and experience,” says dermatologist Whitney D. Tope, MD. “BioShield significantly reduced erythema, stayed in place beautifully, and its matte surface camouflaged the appearance of recent injury.” Contact: 888.695.2611,

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