RF-Based Intralesional Microneedle for Periorbital Syringomas

Woman eye area treatment
Periorbital treatment

Researchers analyzed the efficacy and safety of intralesional electrosurgery utilizing a monopolar radiofrequency device with a single insulated microneedle for the treatment of periorbital syringomas. 

The retrospective analysis, performed by Ga Ram Ahn, MD, MS, et al, employed data from medical records, routine questionnaires and clinical photographs of 55 patients with periorbital syringoma who underwent intralesional electrosurgery. 

Roughly half (50.9%) of patients experienced marked resolution after one treatment. The lesion clearance rate increased and lesion severity decreased each time the treatment was repeated. No persistent therapy-related adverse event was found except transient erythema or crusting. The authors concluded that the use of intralesional electrosurgery with an insulated microneedle is an effective and safe treatment option for periorbital syringomas. 

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