Combining Energy-based Procedures for Neck and Jawline Rejuvenation

A customized combination of minimally invasive procedures called The Good Energy Lift has shown promising results in neck and jawline rejuvenation.
A customized combination of minimally invasive procedures called The Good Energy Lift has shown promising results in neck and jawline rejuvenation.

The Good Energy Lift is a customized combination of minimally invasive procedures that we are performing to achieve excellent results in neck and jawline rejuvenation without the incisions, downtime or cost of traditional neck rejuvenation procedures. In addition to helping those with moderate aging of the neck and jawline, we now have a reasonable neck rejuvenation procedure for those who would like to see an improvement in this region but whose anatomy does not yet justify the complexity or cost of a traditional neck lift. Since we are turning to energy to achieve our results and decreasing our reliance on the scalpel, and as the increasing awareness of neck aesthetics we’ve seen is at least partially due to skyrocketing Zoom use during this pandemic and times when we could all use a bit of “good energy,” we are calling this compliment of procedures the Good Energy Lift.

Paying Proper Attention to the Neck

Until recently, the face received a great deal more attention than the neck in the aesthetic surgery arena. This may partially be because we (ideally) look into the eyes of those with whom we interact rather than stare into the folds of skin hanging from their chin and jawline. Over the past several years, in a phenomenon further fueled by skyrocketing Zoom use during the pandemic, the neck has become increasingly recognized as having aesthetic importance in its own right. One particularly important truth that has become increasingly apparent in this context is that the face and neck are distinct aesthetic units and therefore can age independently. While we have long excluded the neck from rejuvenation by performing the “mini facelift,” it is a traditionally less common practice to exclude the face from intervention when rejuvenating the neck.

We have seen of late, however, a surge in the popularity of isolated neck rejuvenation procedures. Patients whose faces remain youthful while their necks belie their age are now increasingly coming to the office for a solution. Initially, the best approach was some form of “neck lift,” an open procedure that is essentially the bottom half of a traditional facelift. This remains the gold standard for those cases with severe skin laxity or platysma muscle pathology. For those with mild to moderate signs of aging, however, recent advances have opened a new world of possibilities that offer superb results with nearly invisible scars, minimal downtime and at a reduced cost. We have started referring to this customizable suite of procedures as the “Good Energy Lift,” as we rely increasingly on advanced energy-based devices and less on cutting and sewing to achieve our results.

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Darren Smith, M.D., FACS is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in New York City. He is a known expert in aesthetic surgery and cosmetic injectable treatments.

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