Increase Patient Satisfaction for the Reduction of Facial Acne Scarring with PCI Treatments

Before and after results 30 days after first Collagen P.I.N. treatment.
Before and after results 30 days after first Collagen P.I.N. treatment.

Percutaneous Collagen Induction (microneedling) has grown tremendously in popularity as an aesthetic treatment option in the last several years -with its rise highly attributed to an increase in awareness for microneedling as a trusted and FDA-including Acne as one of the top and most common skin conditions according to the American Academy of Dermatology, has translated to a steady rise in the U.S. microneedling market since 2020. With this rise, practitioners have become more and better educated on what constitutes a preferable microneedling treatment for their patient base.

For patients, social downtime is among the key factors that determine how they decide what aesthetic treatments to accept. More often than not, treatments with less downtime are preferred over procedures that can see patients out of the limelight for up to two weeks due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation associated with lasers and peels.

For practitioners, the choice inmicroneedling device comes down to a few key factors - first being upfront and ongoings costs including needle cartridges, post­procedure products and PPE, and second being a mechanical structure that ensures less breakage and lapse in treatment services. For example, the use of superior materials like stainless steel over silicone.

Global Microneedling Market by Needle Material

In addition to superior strength - sterilized, stainless steel needles exhibit better biocompatibility and can lead to better treatment results simply due to a reduction in post­treatment side effects and a better patient experience both during and after treatment.

More Power, More Needles, More Depth

Although Chemical Reconstruction and Laser Therapy are viable and effective methods for the treatment of acne scarring - for those patients who cannot tolerate prolonged downtime and need to get back to social life as soon as possible, PCI Treatments can be a more favorable solution. The Collagen P.I.N. offers adjustable treatment depth from 1.0 - 3.0 mm, a cordless hand-piece and 36-P.I.N. stainless steel needles to deliver a better microneedling experience for both patient and provider.


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