Treating Tanned and Melanin-rich Skin in Warmer Months

Neo Elite by Aerolase’s unique energy delivery is optimized for patients and practices 365 days a year.
Neo Elite by Aerolase’s unique energy delivery is optimized for patients and practices 365 days a year.

The debates and myths of lasering tanned skin and performing light-based treatments during summer months still exist in 2023. It’s time we settle them. Patients deserve the ability to continue working on their aesthetic and medical skin needs. And practices deserve the ability to operate their devices year-round without disruption – safely, without adjusting standard settings. Neo Elite by Aerolase’s unique energy delivery is optimized for patients and practices 365 days a year.

Consider Focusing on These Conditions During Summer Months

Neo Elite can help your practice and patients solve many summer-related skin concerns:


With summer heat comes sweat, leading to face, chest, and back breakouts. When breakouts occur, they can be treated with in-office procedures like Neo Elite. Treating teens and college-aged students through the summer prepares them with clear skin for the school year.

Permanent hair reduction

Removing unwanted hair can be a lengthy process and one that needs to be consistent – even if patients have been in the sun. Having patients be able to continue their treatment regimen ensures that hairs are properly being treated during the anagen stage, which ensures better efficacy and satisfaction.

Rosacea & redness

Warmer months can be particularly challenging for rosacea patients because of the increased number of factors that may aggravate the condition. If redness or other inflammation arises, Neo Elite can suppress inflammation contributing to visible redness.


Like other chronic skin conditions, melasma tends to worsen through UV exposure, with melasma lesions becoming more noticeable. Neo Elite can help melasma patients by reducing inflammation contributing to melanin-inducing activity in the skin.

Preventative & corrective aging

UV damage is patients’ number one aesthetic concern. It is responsible for inducing signs of aging and other skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, redness, and even laxity. While it is much easier to prevent signs of aging, Aerolase can also help correct signs of aging. Collagen-inducing and inflammation-reducing laser energy from the Neo Elite can help patients at any stage of their skin’s aging.

Don’t compromise efficacy or safety at any point of time during the year. Neo Elite by Aerolase exclusively delivers the ability to confidently deliver laser treatments for all patients. It is an excellent option for professionals seeking to treat their patients with tanned or melanin-rich skin this summer or any time of the year. You don’t have to put any patient’s skin health on hold during the warmer months--even if they are spending more time outdoors.


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