How Broccoli Puts a Halt to Hair Loss

woman holding broccoli
Broccoli helps to prevent hair loss.

Sulforaphane has been shown to act upon underlying mechanisms of hair loss. These results were reported by researchers from Gragem Co., Ltd., and the University of Suwon, Korea, in a recent article published in Cosmetics.

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Sulforaphane is an isothiocyanate isolated from broccoli. According to the article, it increases the expression of an enzyme in the liver that, in turn, accelerates DHT degradation and consequently inhibits hair loss, as shown in an animal model.

The present work explored these mechanisms in greater depth. While specific details are outlined in the open access article, briefly, in vitro studies indicated sulforaphane is involved in regulating the gene expression of Akr1c2.

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Furthermore, clinical trials were conducted in 23 patients for 18 weeks before and after product use. Evaluations and calculations showed parietal lines and bangs visually improved and the number of hairs increased by 6.71%, suggesting sulforaphane could significantly alleviate hair loss.

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