How Body Sculpting Creates Muscle Definition in Men

man posing and flexing
Is the Dad Bod Era over and Muscle Men in? Johhny Franco, M.D., details the latest trends in the men's aesthetic world.

Men have always been a hot topic in the aesthetic world, as they represent such a huge population and significant opportunity for growth in the medical aesthetics market. However, most of us that have been in the aesthetics industry for many years know that this has been a cyclical dream. Men still make up less than 10% of all aesthetic surgeries. Every couple of years, people talk about the growth of male patients in plastic surgery, aesthetics, cosmetic dermatology and beyond. There's no question that there is an opportunity for growth in the aesthetic space for treatments directed towards men. The question is whether there is truly a transition from the dad bod to muscle men coming over the next year. There are several paradigms that will make the growth of muscle men in the aesthetic arena a reality. However, the idea that we can take procedures that have been directed at women for years and tell men that they should get them too has had limited success. To truly create a space for men in the aesthetic world means creating and speaking to men in a way that resonates with their personal goals.

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