Male Hair Thinning Insight by Gökhan Vayni

balding man with thinning hair
August is Hair Loss Awareness month.

August is Hair Loss Awareness month, and many men across the country struggle with premature balding and hair thinning. While there are cosmetic solutions, there are also surgical options that provide long-term results.

Vera Clinic director, Gökhan Vayni, provided insight on hair transplants and what possible patients should know. 

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"Male pattern baldness is mainly caused by genetics, so, unfortunately, it’s impossible to prevent it completely," said Dr. Vayni. "Some men’s hair follicles either have a particular sensitivity to a sub-type of testosterone, DHT, which is a naturally occurring androgen (a male hormone) in all men, or they produce too much of it, which damages the hair follicles over time."

If possible patients are experiencing hair loss, specialists can assess the level of hair thinning and provide insight or treatment to address any permanent hair loss. An FUE hair transplant can be the ideal solution for patients that have tried other hair growth methods that are not working. 

Vera Clinic is one of the top hair transplant and cosmetic surgery hospitals in Europe. The practice was started in 2013 by Turkey's leading hair transplant surgeons. The clinic has become a prominent location for health tourists seeking resources from all around the world. 

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