Blue Zones Center Flagship Lifestyle & Longevity Medical Facility

The new Blue Zones Center combines the ancient wisdom of Blue Zones with the 21st century technology of The Health Zone, re-inventing how we approach treating illness and aging.
The new Blue Zones Center combines the ancient wisdom of Blue Zones with the 21st century technology of The Health Zone, re-inventing how we approach treating illness and aging.
Photo courtesy of Blue Zones Center

Blue Zones Center: Advanced Longevity Medicine

Blue Zones Center announced its first international flagship location in Miami, Florida. The new 220,000 square foot Blue Zones Center combines the ancient wisdom and teachings of Blue Zones with the 21st century technology of The Health Zone. Located at The Legacy Hotel and Residences—a mixed-use tower combining lifestyle, hospitality and longevity in Miami Worldcenter, the Blue Zones Center, inspired by Blue Zones’ Power 9 research identifying the lifestyle habits of the healthiest and longest-lived citizens in the world, aims to introduce a new generation of 21st century longevity medicine.

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The Blue Zones Center is the first of its kind, a complete re-invention of the traditional medical approach to treating illness and aging. It is designed to be the most advanced healthcare and hospitality center, combining leading medical care, technology, predictive diagnostics and preventative medicine to optimize patient well-being, disease management outcomes and longevity.

Blue Zones Center SpaBlue Zones Center SpaPhoto courtesy of Blue Zones Center

Stephen Watson, Co-Founder of the Blue Zones Center for well-being, explains, "Imagine having one location that combines world leaders in longevity and lifestyle medicine, combining 360-degree well-being transformation with the latest innovations in predictive, preventive, longevity medicine where personalized care, preventive medicine, and rejuvenation treatments all co-exist in one."

Blue Zones Center combines 9 well-being centers into one:

  • The Movement Center for Orthopedic Sports Medicine
  • The N-of-1 Center of Lifestyle Medicine and Health Benchmarking
  • The Center for Early Diagnosis, Precision and Longevity Medicine
  • The Center for Visible Health and Vitality
  • The Center for Performance and Functional Fitness
  • The Downshift Center for Behavioral health and Mindfulness
  • The Center for Specialized Medicine
  • The Center for Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat
  • The Center for Longevity Research

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Blue Zones Center N-of-1-Lifestyle Medicine Center

Blue Zones Center Medical OfficeBlue Zones Center Medical OfficePhoto courtesy of Blue Zones Center

One of the most exciting centers within the Blue Zones Center focuses on promoting longevity and slowing down the aging process. Using the latest innovations in technology and longevity science, the center analyzes the effectiveness of the differe treatment options to design a plan involving the best services to improve self-healing for each individual patient. Cutting edge treatments are personally curated to reverse the effects of aging, working in combination with the center’s Lifestyle Foundational Medicine and other therapeutic treatments to optimize health, longevity and rejuvenation. The center boasts that this is where “the sport of aging begins.”

Susie Ellis, chairman and CEO of the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) and the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), commented on the Blue Zones lifestyle, recognizing it as part of a larger global trend of prioritizing health and wellness. "I'm excited about what's happening in Miami with The Blue Zones Center and think it will be an international flagship for how medical and wellness can be brought together in one place. Since Covid, we have witnessed a huge trend in terms of the medical and wellness communities working together to solve health issues, focusing on prevention over disease treatment. This is the beauty of the Blue Zones' philosophy and lifestyle - it's all about prevention, longevity and quality of life. I think the Blue Zones Center in Miami will be a beacon for more Blue Zones Centers around the world, encouraging more people to live in places that prioritize health and wellness," said Ellis.

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