Darshan and Milan Shah, MD: Brothers in Business

Darshan Shah, MD, and Milan Shah, MD, combined their specialties to create an “everything aesthetic” practice that is growing like gangbusters.
Drs. Milan and Darshan Shah

Facelift, filler or laser? At Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center in Bakersfield, California, patients can have it all. They may consult with plastic surgeon Darshan Shah, MD, about the pros and cons of plastic surgery. Then meet with Darshan’s younger brother, Milan Shah, MD, about laser treatments, injectables and chemical peels.

“Patients are offered all options, so they can be 100% secure in the decision they make,” says Milan, who runs Beautologie’s medspa. “There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’—there are always alternatives.”

Over a span of less than 10 years, Beautologie has grown to become a bustling cosmetic practice with three California locations. Its variety of surgical and nonsurgical offerings, along with a focus on customer service and community involvement, is the secret to the company’s success, say the Shah brothers.

“When people think of improving their appearance—whether they want surgery or a skin treatment—they think of us,” says Darshan. “We are one-stop shop for everything aesthetic.”

Joining Forces

Though the Shah brothers agree that their combined practices turned out to be a perfect fit, they didn’t originally set out to launch a practice together.

“My brother and I were pretty much apart throughout medical school and college. We were all over the place,” says Milan. “But we both did our residencies in Bakersfield at Kern Medical Center, and the town kind of grew on us. Bakersfield is a large town and the community is tight-knit, so it’s a great place to build a practice.”

Near the end of his residency, Milan began to take an interest in aesthetic medicine. “My background is general surgery and medicine, but I liked that aesthetic medicine involves so much patient interaction; yet I could still do procedures. So I decided to focus on that.”

Meanwhile, older brother Darshan, who had received his board certification in general surgery, went to the Mayo Clinic to train in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In 2002, he returned to Bakersfield to launch a small plastic surgery practice.  

“I started by myself, renting office space,” he says. “Then Milan graduated from residency and was looking around for a position. I needed help. So in 2004 my brother joined me, taking over the nonsurgical portion of the practice.”

The partnership—with Dr. Milan Shah offering a wide range of nonsurgical aesthetic and laser procedures, and Dr. Darshan Shah continuing the surgical practice—was an instant fit.
“We each specialize in what we love to do,” says Darshan. “I don’t do Botox. He doesn’t do surgery.”

Photography by Cory Sorensen