Study Shows BTL Vanquish Safe and Effective

A study by plastic surgeon Amir Moradi, MD, and dermatologist Melanie Palm, MD, further demonstrates the results of the BTL Vanquish (BTL Aesthetics), an RF treatment that reduces abdominal fat and contours the midsection and love handles.

A total of 24 subjects, ranging in age from 30-69 years, all received four weekly 45-minute RF treatments targeting the abdomen area and love handles. Results were tracked through standardized digital photographs and circumference measurements, and compared to biometric measurements such as weight, hydration and body fat collected at baseline and at each study visit. The researchers found that subjects experienced an average 1.7-inch reduction in abdominal circumference following the series of BTL Vanquish treatments, which is similar to a previous study in which patients had an overall higher average BMI; such results indicate that the treatment works for a variety of body types, including those with lower BMI levels.

“As a company committed to innovation, we’re excited by the impressive results we’re continuing to see through additional testing of our Vanquish device,” said Jan Zarsky, director of North America at BTL Aesthetics. “With the continued support of our valued physician partners, and recent introduction of the next generation, BTL Vanquish ME, we’re confident that we’ll continue to impress patients with safe and visible results.”

The study appeared in the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

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