Subdermal RF for Arm Skin Tightening

Subdermal RF for Arm Skin Tightening

A recent study found thermistor-controlled subsurface monopolar radiofrequency (SMRF) safe and effective for the treatment of posterior upper arm skin laxity.

The prospective, open-label clinical trial enrolled 12 subjects (age 18 to 65) with moderate to severe skin laxity in their posterior upper arms. Each subject received one SMRF treatment to both arms (n = 24). Follow-up evaluation was conducted at days 7, 30 and 90. The primary endpoint was the assessment of skin laxity by a non-treating physician utilizing a standardized 5-point skin laxity grading scale at baseline, and 30 and 90 days post-treatment. Subjects also provided self-evaluations of firmness, laxity, texture and satisfaction. Circumferential and vertical arm measurements were obtained via digital fractional caliper.

The researchers observed significant improvements in skin laxity at both 30 and 90 days post-treatment (as assessed by the non-treating investigator). Subjects also rated significant improvements in the firmness, texture and laxity of their treated arms. The majority of subjects were “satisfied” to “extremely satisfied” with their results. Adverse events recorded at day 7 included erythema (4%), contour irregularity (4%) and bruising (13%), all of which resolved completely by day 30.

The study was published in Dermatologic Surgery (September 2016).

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