Next-Generation BTL Vanquish ME for Fat Reduction

A study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (December 2016) found that the BTL Vanquish ME (Maximum Energy) from BTL Aesthetics was effectively redesigned for more efficient and homogenous energy delivery to targeted tissue, reducing 53% more fat versus the BTL Vanquish. The BTL Vanquish ME, which debuted in 2015, is FDA-cleared for the circumferential reduction of the abdomen and thighs.

In the multicenter study, researchers Nicole Hayre, MD, Peter Jenkin, MD, and Melanie Palm, MD, compared clinical outcomes of the noninvasive selective radiofrequency (RF) Vanquish ME device (Group A) with its predecessor (Vanquish, Group B). A total of 36 subjects with BMIs under 30 but above 24 were randomly assigned to receive four 45-minute treatments once a week (34 patients completed the study). Measurements of subject’s abdominal fat were taken prior to the first treatment and again four weeks after finishing the final treatment. Subjects were instructed to maintain their usual diet and lifestyle throughout the duration of the study.

Abdominal fat layer thickness reduction at 30 days post treatment was the primary outcome measurement in the study as measured by ultrasound. The degree in fat layer thickness between Group A and B was statistically significant (p < 0.008), and fat for Group A and Group B was reduced by 29.5% and 15.2% respectively. Every subject in the study showed a reduction in the abdominal fat layer thickness. Group A’s data showed reduction ranging from 2.0mm to 6.6mm (average of 4.17mm ±1.42 mm), and Group B’s fat reduction ranged from 0.07mm to 10.4mm (average of 2.72mm ± 2.21mm). In addition, the researchers used the measured reduction in fat layer thickness and the treatment surface area of the applicator (2,100cm2), a reduction of 0.876 liter and 0.571 liter of fat were calculated for Groups A and B, respectively, assuming a homogenous response across the entire treatment area.

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