RepliCel Signs Service Partnerships for Dermal Injector Prototype and Testing

RepliCel Life Sciences has signed agreements with two European firms—Austrian manufacturer AMI and Art of Technology (“AoT”), based in Zurich—to manufacture and test the company’s motorized RCI-02 dermal injector prototypes.

The RCI-02 injector was designed to improve the delivery of injectables in a controlled and precise manner in order to minimize the risks and uncertainties of injection outcomes. The device has programmable depth and volume; a built-in Peltier element for pre-injection anesthesia; and interchangeable needle head configurations that can be used to perform a variety of procedures, increase surface area coverage and speedup procedure times.

“The execution of these agreements covers what we believe to be the final stages needed to prepare RCI-02 for a market authorization application in the form of a CE mark in Europe,” said RepliCel president and CEO R. Lee Buckler. “With our first functional prototypes scheduled for this summer, we continue to work toward having this device ready for a CE mark application and in the hands of a licensing and commercial partner next year.”

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