Saami Khalifian, M.D., Prioritizes Medical Precision & Mental Health to Counteract the Commodification of Aesthetics

May/June 2024 Aesthetics Visionary: Saami Khalifian, M.D.
May/June 2024 Aesthetics Visionary: Saami Khalifian, M.D.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Saami Khalifian

Sammi Khalifian, M.D., started his medical career studying an area of medicine that is about as different from medical aesthetics as you can get, the field of neurosurgery. “My father had a traumatic brain injury and I went to medical school really to do neurosurgery. I went to Hopkins because that was like the mecca of neurosurgery,” he says. “I very quickly became disillusioned with neurosurgery because I felt that even the best of outcomes were not great outcomes and it kind of was hitting very close to home. But for the last decade, my identity was very much a surgeon. So, now having gotten to Baltimore from Southern California, I was like, what the hell am I going to do now?”

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