Why You Should Add Private Label Skin Care To Your Practice

Arm yourself with the tools to compete with retail giants using superior formulation and true expertise.
Arm yourself with the tools to compete with retail giants using superior formulation and true expertise.

The skin care market hit 1.36 billion in revenue in 2022, making it one of the highest grossing years in the past decade. Meaning, people are purchasing skin care more than ever – but from who? Even big box stores are pushing “trendy” products from vitamin C to retinol featuring little-to-no levels of active ingredients inside formulas packed with preservatives – and these products are easy to find, cheap to purchase and backed by million dollar marketing campaigns

How do dermatologists who spend their days seeing patients and providing life-changing services compete?

Invest in Yourself - with Private Label Skincare

In a recent survey by Statista, 52% of skin care consumers reported making decisions based on quality alone, with 76% of those surveyed reporting they don’t trust fancy marketing or flashy packaging. They just want something that works. Angelia Inscoe has formulated skin care for top medical grade providers in the U.S. for over 25 years and has seen the landscape change tremendously in that time. “Our clients are starting to compete...” says Angelia, “it’s clear the big boys have caught on to what doctors are using but they’ll never reach the real skin care users – people are wising up to their game.”

Private Label Skin Care gives dermatologists, aestheticians and anyone interested in providing quality skin care the ability to amplify their voice as an authority figure in the market, while providing truly medical grade products their patients and customers will come to seek, choose and rely on.

The Hard Part is Over

Building a brand from the ground up is no easy task. Public outreach, advertising, social media, email marketing and many other factors go into growing a consumer-base and all of these components are working together in an attempt to establish one thing: trust. You’re already the hero in your patients’ eyes. You provide life-changing services and your patients already see you as an authority figure in the world of skin care. Truly, the difficult part of building a brand is done for many established dermatologists, spas and service providers around the country. The question becomes when you want to take a slice out of the projected 1.75 billion dollar skincare market pie over the next two years.

Our Business is Your Success

Induction Therapies is dedicated to building your Private Label Skin Care brand with the lowest minimum order quantities, graphic design service at no extra cost and a selection of over 38 unique, 100% clean formulations you won’t find at major retailers.


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