Dr. James Chelnis: A triLift Success Story

Lumenis Me2306 Lead

Dr. James Chelnis, a renowned aesthetic surgeon, added triLift's facial stimulation solution to his offerings because he believes in staying on the cutting edge of technological innovations in aesthetic medicine and can "count on Lumenis to keep delivering safe, effective, cutting-edge technology." He finds that triLift provides his patients with a non-surgical and quick treatment that delivers a face lift-like effect without injections or surgery and with no downtime.

Dr.Chelnis also finds that triLift helps him serve patients who are looking for a non-invasive "natural" aesthetic solution to a youthful, toned look. triLift has also expanded Dr. Chelnis' practice by attracting patients who are interested in maintaining their surgical facelift results or looking for further improvements without relying on more invasive methods. "I can offer patients that are leery of injectables something to keep their faces looking toned and refreshed."  

Dr. Chelnis considers triLift to be a win-win for both patients and providers as it drives high patient satisfaction and yields fast ROI. "On a monthly basis, devices generally cost less than the income generated from treating 1-2 patients a month."* As an early triLift adopter, he claims to be "enjoying a terrific competitive advantage.”

*Actual session prices are at the sole determination of your clinic. Rates may differ by market and provider type.


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