New Study Confirms Pathophysiology of Filler-Induced Blindness

supratrochlear artery

A team of researchers used a fresh cadaver perfusion technique to substantiate whether arterial embolism is responsible for hyaluronic acid-induced blindness. Working with a fresh cadaver head perfusion model that simulates both physiologic blood pressure and flow rate of the carotid artery, ophthalmic artery and supratrochlear artery, Ki-Hyun Cho, MD, MSc, et al, cannulated the carotid artery and exposed the internal jugular vein for open venous drainage.

Galderma Launches Joint Promotions With Top Skincare Brands

Woman looking at skin care

In an effort to encourage patient loyalty by helping practices offer science-based skincare products along with facial injectable treatments, Galderma Laboratories is collaborating with professional-grade skincare brands Revision Skincare, Alastin Skincare and Sente. This effort was inspired by the ongoing success of the company’s long-standing, ongoing collaborations with Colorescience and Mentor Breast Implants.

Alma acquires Medical Nova

Alma Lasers has acquired its exclusive Israeli medical aesthetic distributor, Medical Nova, which will allow the company to extend its business outreach and establish a direct operation in the country.

Medical Nova, established in 2003, is one of the largest distributors of medical aesthetic devices in Israel, serving plastic surgeons, dermatologists, general practitioners, aesthetic clinic chains, spas and fitness centers. In addition, the company offers training, marketing and PR support to its customers.

Revance Releases Phase 3 Study Results for Toxin RT002

Revance Announces Sakura 3 Data

Revance Therapeutics has released SAKURA Phase 3 study data for its injectable daxibotulinumtoxinA (RT002) for moderate-to-severe glabellar lines. The study included nearly 2,700 patients, who received up to three treatments and were followed for more than a year and a half. Based on investigator assessment, more than 95 percent of patients achieved a score of none or mild glabellar lines at maximum frown at week 4 after each of three treatments. The median time to return to baseline was 28 weeks. The median time to loss of none or mild wrinkle severity was 24 weeks.