[Video] Using Energy and Light-based Therapy for Skin of Color

Using light and energy-based therapies for treating Caucasian skin has been explored thoroughly in the medical aesthetics community, but treating skin of color versus Caucasian skin is a whole different ball game. It requires knowledge of how different energy and light-based treatment devices work on skin of color, how the manner in which energy is delivered affects results in skin of color, knowing what myths exist about treating skin of color with energy and light-based therapies that aren’t necessarily true, and much more. 

In this video, Chesahna Kindred, M.D., dives into the various factors physicians must consider when using energy and light-based therapies to treat skin of color and the adjustments that need to be made to safely and affectively use these treatments on skin of color versus Caucasian skin. She takes us through the best energy and light-based devices for treating skin of color and how they can be combined to provide improved and safer results. In addition, Dr. Kindred addresses the myths that exist about treating skin of color using energy and light-based therapy, setting the record straight on what is true and what's not. 

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