"Hats On" Initiative Reaches One-Year Milestone

Stiefel (www.stiefel.com) and the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) came together at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting in San Diego to share the results of their joint Hats on for Skin Health initiative. The initiative was launched to provide skin protection education to albinos and healthcare workers in Tanzania as well as protective hats that offer coverage for the face, neck and ears. Worldwide, albinism affects roughly one in 20,000 people. In Tanzania, the incidence is one in 1,429 and, according to the ILDS, an estimated 98% of albino children will die before the age of 40 from skin cancers.
At the end of its first year, the intitiative has raised enough funds to purchase 15,000 sun-protective hats and more than 2,000 have been distributed through local healthcare workers in the region as part of the 17th International Congress of the Regional Dermatology Training Center (RDTC). “Ensuring that the hats were distributed to local healthcare workers was crucial, as they are on the front line treating skin conditions throughout the surrounding regions, including treating people with albinism,” said Professor Roderick Hay, Chairman of the International Foundation for Dermatology (IFD), the charitable arm of the ILDS. “Graduates of the RDTC are trained to educate albinos about preventing sun damage, but are often working with limited resources to help these patients. Now they have hats to provide to their patients free of charge as a result of the funds raised through Hats On For Skin Health.”
To learn more visit www.hatsonforskinhealth.com.

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