Suneva Completes Enrollment for Acne Scar Study

Suneva Medical, a privately held aesthetics company and distributor of Artefill long-term dermal filler, announced that it has completed enrollment and initial treatment of patients in its Phase III acne scar study investigating the efficacy of Artefill for the treatment of moderate to severe atrophic acne scars. The multi-center, prospective study is being conducted at 10 top-tier aesthetic medical practices in the United States.
“We have reached yet another milestone in our pursuit of expanded indications for Artefill,” says Nick Teti, chairman and CEO of Suneva Medical. “If the study is successful and the FDA grants an approval for this indication, Artefill would be the only dermal filler approved and on the market for the treatment of acne scars. This represents a significant market opportunity for our growing aesthetics company and could expand the patient and physician audience for Artefill.”

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